domingo, 5 de junho de 2011

#021 - People In A Position To Know

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People In A Position To Know Website

Casiotone for the Painfully Alone
Streets of Philadelphia [split single w/ Concern, 2007]
Golden Boots
Everything [EV, 2008]
Impossible Shapes
Her Sweet Eyes [Split Friends LP, 2008]
Saturday Looks Good To Me
Coke Can in a Peach Orchard [Friends LP, 2008]
All Y'All [All Y'All 7’’, 2009]
Weed Out The Trips [Split NorthWest LP, 2008]
Protest Hill
We Won’t Pretend [Southerly / Protest Hill Split 7’’, 2007]
Doug Yule [Topless Cowgirl 7", 2009]
Breath of My Youth [Storyteller and the Gossip Columnist, 2011]
Norfolk and Western
Go Away Little Girl [Fleetwood's Hack, 2007]
I’m Afraid of Little Girls [Golden Boots Split 7", 2009]
Solid Homelife
Petting Zoo [People In The Position to Know, 2011]
Mona Reels
Come On Mona [Volume One, 2009]
Casper & The Cookies
Little King [Modern Silence, 2008]

(faixa extra)
Benoît Pioulard
Little A Strongly More Grow I (harmonium version) [7'', 2011]