domingo, 15 de julho de 2012

#055 - 2012

Esta foi a última emissão do Label This com mais uma revisita a algumas das editoras que foram sendo destacadas neste programa. Apenas com passagens por temas editados em 2012. Até um dia...

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Radiation City
Find It Of Use (Cool Nightmare, 2012 - Tender Loving Empire)
Oh Thee 73 (Oh Holy Molar, 2012 – Kranky)
Horse Feathers
Last Waltz (Cynic's New Year, 2012 - Kill Rock Stars)
In The Yard (The Clearing, 2012 - Dead Oceans)
House of Wolves
50’s (Fold in the Wind, 2012 - Moon Palace)
Sonny & The Sunsets
Pretend You Love Me (Longtime Companion, 2012 - Polyvinyl Records)
Cat Power
Ruin (Sun, 2012 - Matador)
David Byrne & St Vincent
Who (Love This Giant, 2012 4- AD)
Waste a Lot of Things (Traps, 2012 - SubPop)
Standard Fare
Suitcase (Out Of Sight, Out Of Town, 2012 - Melodic Records)
Com Truise
VHS Sex (Galactic Melt, 2012 - Ghostly International)
FM Belfast
Stripes (Single, 2012 - Morr Music)
Cap’n Jazz
Take On Me (Analphabetapolothology – Reissue, 2012 - Jade Tree)

segunda-feira, 9 de julho de 2012

#054 - 2012 [mixtape]

Esta é a penúltima emissão do Label This. Ficaram reservadas as duas últimas para passar de novo os olhos e os ouvidos por muitas das editoras destacadas neste programa ao longo dos últimos dois anos. Em busca exclusiva de edições de 2012, abriu-se apenas uma excepção total (a Factory) e algumas parciais (com algumas reedições). A emissão #054 é em formato mixtape, na próxima e última serão feitas, devidamente, as despedidas.

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The Hairs
I've Been Working Out (Single, 2012 - WeePop)
The Black Atlantic
An Archer, A Dancer (Darkling, I Listen, 2012 - Beep Beep Back Up The Truck)
Sonho Mau (Gancia, 2012 - Cafetra)
Steve Peters + Steve Roden
Winds Through Bleak Timber (Not A Leaf Remains As It Was, 2012 - 12k)
L'Aeroport de Charlo (Affaires Étrangères – Reissue, 2012 - Constellation Records)
The Trypes
From the Morning Glories (Music for Neighbors – Reissue, 2012 - Acute Records)
Tuck The Darkness In (The Clearing, 2012 - Dead Oceans)
Black Mold Grow (Look A Little Closer, 2012 - Lefse Records)
New Order
Blue Monday (Single, 1983 - Factory)
San Solomn (Rivers Arms, 2012 - Western Vinyl)
Nils Frahm & Ólafur Arnalds
a2 (Stare, 2012 - Erased Tapes)

domingo, 1 de julho de 2012

#053 - Jade Tree [mixtape]

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Jade Tree History

Fucked Up
Baiting The Public [Hidden World, 2006]
Panda and Angel
Dangerous [EP, 2006]
Young Widows
The Charmers [Settle Down City, 2006]
Burning House [The People Of And Their Verses, 2005]
Final Broadcast [Often Lie, 2005]
Pedro The Lion
Discretion [Achilles Heel, 2004]
Micah P. Hinson
The Leading Guy [Micah P Hinson and the Opera Circuit, 2006]
Micah P. Hinson
Jackeyed [The Baby & The Satellite, 2005]
The Promise Ring
A Picture Postcard [The Horse Latitudes, 1997]
Ester Drang
Come Back Alive [Rocinate, 2006]
Dave Hause
Heavy Heart [Heavy Heart, 2012]
These Arms Are Snakes
Horse Girl [Easter, 2006]
No Motivation [Sterile, 2011]
New Mexican
Disaster Squad [Don’t Believe, 2006]
Dager Runways [We Are, 2007]
Paint It Black
Past Tense Future Perfect [New Lexicon, 2008]
Stigmata Rites [Swords, 2006]
Turing Machin
Flip Book [A New Machine For Living, 2000]

domingo, 24 de junho de 2012

#052 - 12k

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12k website

Kane Ikin
Contrail (Contrail, 2011)
Saika (Shizuku, 2011)
The Boats
The Ballad of Failure (Ballads of the Research Department, 2012)
Iris Familiar (feat. Moskitoo) (As Pleat, 2011)
Stephan Mathieu
Schwarschild Radius (A Static Place, 2011)
Marcus Fischer
Cascadia Obscura (Monocoastal, 2010)
Simon Scott
_Sealevel 1 (Below Sea Level, 2012)
Gareth Dickson
This Is The Kiss (Quite a Way Away, 2012)
Seaworthy + Matt Rösner
When I Told You (Two Lakes, 2010)
Taylor Deupree + Marcus Fischer
In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes (In a Place of Such Graceful Shapes, 2012)