domingo, 19 de dezembro de 2010

#007 - Moon Palace

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Moon Palace Records Website

Here I Stand [Crossweek EP, 2006]
Brian Michael Roff
Nowhere [Folk Me Laztana EP, 2006]
Gregor Samsa
Makeshift Shelters [55:12, 2006]
Baby Blonde And The Downs
Amish [Vacuum Cleaner, 2006]
Tex La Homa
Sitting Alone [Oh, Peace! Get a Little!, 2005]
Lo Atractivo de lo Adictivo [Tres Canciones Para Moonplace, 2004]
Anthony Reynolds
Bombs in Spain [I Was Born (in Prehistoric Spain), 2005]
Joseba Irazoki
Beldurrik Gabe [Euria Ari Du, 2009]
The 99 Call
So I'll Just Walk Away [Songs About Breaking Up, 2010]
The River [Ghostly Female Faces EP, 2010]
Stayed Too Long in This Place [Notes to an Absent Lover, 2009]

domingo, 12 de dezembro de 2010

#006 - Labrador Records

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Labrador Records Website

Acid House Kings
Sunday Morning [Mondays are Like Tuesdays and…, 2002]
Between the Lines [Sambassadeur, 2007]
Afraid Of Stairs
Not Today [Labrador Kingsize Vol.#2, 2004]
Little Things (That Tear Us Apart) [Apple Bay, 2006]
Suburbian Kids With Biblical Names
Rent a Wreck [#1, 2004]
The Only Things We Share [The Bright Idea Called Soul, 2002]
The Legends
Call it Ours [Up Against The Legends, 2004]
Everything That's You [The Last Days of August, 2002]
Chasing Dorotea
The Anchor Song [Chasing Dorotea, 2007]
Club 8
Heaven [Heaven, 2008]
Little Big Adventure
The Hateful Eye [The Hateful Eye EP, 2009]
Corduroy Utd.
Daddy’s Boy [Oh Eira, 2004]
The Radio Dept.
Why Won't You Talk About It? [Lesser Matters, 2004]
When the Mind Suffers, the Body Cries Out [For Strength, 2002]
Pelle Calberg
I Love You You, Imbecile [In A Nutshell, 2007]
Keep Your Love [Keep Your Love EP, 2005]

domingo, 28 de novembro de 2010

#005 - Matador Records [pt.2]

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Matador Records Blog

H.P Zinker

Dancing Days [… And There Was Light, 1989]

Teenage Fanclub

Everything Flows [A Catholic Education, 1990]

Someday Soon [Hippies, 2010]

Kurt Vile

Amplifier [Childish Prodigy, 2009]


Throw the Bottlefull [Struggling Electric & Chemical, 1990]

Superball [The Dirt of Luck, 1995]

Jay Reatard

There is No Sun [Watch Me Fall, 2009]

Pizzicato Five

Baby Love Child [Five by Five, 1994]

Lust For Life [Album, 2009]

Liz Phair

Mesmerizing [Exile in Guyville, 1993]

Mission of Burma

The Setup [On Off On, 2004]

Tone Twilight Zone [Point, 2001]

Towner [Telephono, 1996]

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks

Animal Midnight [Pig Lib, 2003]

Roland [Turn On The Bright Lights, 2002]

domingo, 14 de novembro de 2010

#004 - Matador Records [pt.1]

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Matador Records Website

Cat Power
Free [You Are Free, 2003]
Guided By Voices
Quality of Armor [Propeller, 1992]
Railroad Jerk
The Ballad of Railroad Jerk [One Track Mind, 1995]
The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Calvin [Acme, 1998]
Yo La Tengo
Moby Octopad [I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One, 1997]
Golden Porsche [Happy Songs for Happy People, 2003]
Arab Strap
Not Quite a Yes [Philophobia, 1998]
Belle and Sebastian
A Summer Wasting [The Boy With the Arab Strap, 1998]
Perfume Genius
Mr. Peterson [Learning, 2010]
Spit On A Stranger (Live 1999) [Matador at 21, 2010]
The New Pornographers
All the Things That Goes to Make Heaven and Earth [Challengers, 2007]
Sonic Youth
Leaky Lifeboat [The Eternal, 2009]
Bettie Serveert
Kid's Allright [Palomine, 1992]
Toiling Midgets
Mr. Foster's Shoes [Son, 1993]
Johnny Viola [Palo Santo, 2007]

domingo, 7 de novembro de 2010

#003 - Bor Land

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Bor Land Website

Alexandre Soares & Jorge Coelho
CAC 2 [Cães aos Círculos, 2006]
Alla Polacca
They'll Do Without Us [We're Metal and Fire in the Pliers of Time, 2008]
Tunnel [Mighty Sounds Pristine, 2006]
Carlos Bica
Mr. Brody [Single, 2005]
Sad Summer In Mindelo [Haunted, 2005]
Old Jerusalem
Is This April? [April, 2003]
Insert Coin
Quando Eu Imagino [Insert Coin, 2006]
Millais Un Modelle Pour Ofelia [Fântome - Intro das Waltz, 2003]
La La La Ressonanc
A Night At The Hoppers [Palisade, 2006]
Dr.Phil [Sexually Transmitted Electricity, 2007]
Professional [München, 2005]
Boogie List [We’ve Done 1000 People Happy, Why Not You?, 2003]
Norberto Lobo
Festa do Fim da Folque [Mudar de Bina, 2007]
Money [What Is, 2005]
The Unplayable Sofa Guitar
Drowning Song [Rocky Grounds, Big Sky, 2005]

domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

#002 - Hush Records

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Hush Records Website
Hush Records Vimeo

Blanket Music
You Shouldn't Have Said That [Cultural Norms, 2004]
Shelley Short
Coo Coo Bird [Deca: A Hush 10th Anniversary Compilation, 2008]
Peter Broderick
Not at Home (piano version) [Two Tracks, 2008]
Nils Frahm & Anne Müller
7 Fingers Mix [7 Fingers, 2010]
Corrina Repp
At The End Of The Night [The Other Side Is Mud, 1999]
They Sang The Solo [The Other Side Is Mud, 1999]
A Book About Elephants
Milk The Moon Mix [Milk The Moon, 2009]
Colin Meloy
The Wagoner's Lad [Deca: A Hush 10th Anniversary Compilation, 2008]
Laura Gibson
Come By Storm [Deca: A Hush 10th Anniversary Compilation, 2008]
Kele Goodwin
A Kiss For Your Eyes [Hymns, 2010]

domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

#001 - WeePop Records

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WeePop Website
WeePop Myspace

Sunny Intervals
Sixty Seconds To Fall In Love [Call and Response]
Allo, Darlin'
Dear Stephen Hawking [Henry Rollins Don't Dance]
Let’s Whisper 
Hey Sunshine [Make Me Smile]
You've Changed, Baby Girl [If The Wave Loves Two Suns]
1000% Not Creepy [The 1000% Hot]
Colin Clary
Phone Me, Phone Me [Every Little Thing Counts]
Do Animals Get Lonely Late at Night? [Pizza Under The Sea]
Balloons in the Sky [Our Dreams]
Marfa Texas [We Disappear]
Summer Cats
Burnt Toast [Passion Pop]
The Endless Bummer
Rio Grande Sandbar, 2001 [Donald Fagen Mix Tape]
Little My
Leaves Nothing [Little My's Seventh]
All But The Beeps Meep [Little My's Sixth]
Mexican Kids At Home
Start a one man band! [When We All Live In Igloos]
The Just Joans
Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive [Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive]
Stars of Aviation
Underneath the Elms [By the Shore]

segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Um novo programa, na RUC.

Com o início (hoje) da nova grelha de emissão na Rádio Universidade de Coimbra, irá também começar o Label This, um programa sobre editoras musicais que irá para o ar todos os Domingos, às 16h. Este é o seu espaço na internet, onde serão colocados alinhamentos e podcasts. O meu programa anterior Domingos, Paciência... descansará em paz...