domingo, 31 de outubro de 2010

#002 - Hush Records

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Hush Records Website
Hush Records Vimeo

Blanket Music
You Shouldn't Have Said That [Cultural Norms, 2004]
Shelley Short
Coo Coo Bird [Deca: A Hush 10th Anniversary Compilation, 2008]
Peter Broderick
Not at Home (piano version) [Two Tracks, 2008]
Nils Frahm & Anne Müller
7 Fingers Mix [7 Fingers, 2010]
Corrina Repp
At The End Of The Night [The Other Side Is Mud, 1999]
They Sang The Solo [The Other Side Is Mud, 1999]
A Book About Elephants
Milk The Moon Mix [Milk The Moon, 2009]
Colin Meloy
The Wagoner's Lad [Deca: A Hush 10th Anniversary Compilation, 2008]
Laura Gibson
Come By Storm [Deca: A Hush 10th Anniversary Compilation, 2008]
Kele Goodwin
A Kiss For Your Eyes [Hymns, 2010]

domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

#001 - WeePop Records

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WeePop Website
WeePop Myspace

Sunny Intervals
Sixty Seconds To Fall In Love [Call and Response]
Allo, Darlin'
Dear Stephen Hawking [Henry Rollins Don't Dance]
Let’s Whisper 
Hey Sunshine [Make Me Smile]
You've Changed, Baby Girl [If The Wave Loves Two Suns]
1000% Not Creepy [The 1000% Hot]
Colin Clary
Phone Me, Phone Me [Every Little Thing Counts]
Do Animals Get Lonely Late at Night? [Pizza Under The Sea]
Balloons in the Sky [Our Dreams]
Marfa Texas [We Disappear]
Summer Cats
Burnt Toast [Passion Pop]
The Endless Bummer
Rio Grande Sandbar, 2001 [Donald Fagen Mix Tape]
Little My
Leaves Nothing [Little My's Seventh]
All But The Beeps Meep [Little My's Sixth]
Mexican Kids At Home
Start a one man band! [When We All Live In Igloos]
The Just Joans
Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive [Hey Boy, You're Oh So Sensitive]
Stars of Aviation
Underneath the Elms [By the Shore]

segunda-feira, 18 de outubro de 2010

Um novo programa, na RUC.

Com o início (hoje) da nova grelha de emissão na Rádio Universidade de Coimbra, irá também começar o Label This, um programa sobre editoras musicais que irá para o ar todos os Domingos, às 16h. Este é o seu espaço na internet, onde serão colocados alinhamentos e podcasts. O meu programa anterior Domingos, Paciência... descansará em paz...