domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

#026 - Um ano em novidades

Emissão especial em formato mixtape com algumas das mais recentes novidades por parte das editoras que passaram pelo Label This nas suas primeiras 25 emissões. Os links direccionam para as páginas de destaque dos discos, no site de cada editora, alguns com download gratuito!...

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A Dog River (La Lechuza) [Constellation]
And And And
Buy You (A Fresh Summer with And And And) [Tender Loving Empire]
Cashier n.9
Lost at Sea (To The Death of Fun) [Bella Union]
Helado Negro
Canta Lechuza (Canta Lechuza) [Ashtmatic Kitty]
The Happiest Girl (You Were a Dick) [Talitres]
Idiot Glee
Let's Get Down Together (single) [Moshi Moshi]
Jeff and Jane
Help Me (Hudson - reissue) [Captured Tracks]
Lanterns On The Lake
You're Almost There (single) [Bella Union]
The Smittens
Typing / Texting (single) [WeePop]
Stephen Malkmus and The Jicks
Senator (single) [Matador]
A Devil Lay Here (single) [4AD]
Bon Iver
Calgary (Bon Iver) [Jagjagwuar / 4AD]
Det Vackra Livet
Viljan (Det Vackra Livet) [Labrador]
Okervil River
Wake and Be Fine (I Am Very Far) [Jagjaguwar]
The Donkeys
I Like The Way You Are (Born With Stripes) [Dead Oceans]
Open Your Doors (Together) [Hush]

domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

#025 - How Does It Feel To Be Loved?

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How Does It Feel To Be Loved? Website

The Start Of Something [The Kids At The Club: An Indiepop Compilation, 2006]
Butcher Boy
Carve a Pattern [React or Die, 2009]
Salty Pirates
Black Minds, White Lies [The Kids At The Club, 2006]
The Gresham Flyers
Blackpool [The Kids At The Club, 2006]
Cats On Fire
Tears In Your Cup [Our Temperance Movement, 2009]
Stars of Aviation
Marie Et L'Accordeon [The Kids At The Club, 2006]
Antarctica Takes It!
Bossa [Constellations, 2010]
Tender Trap
Ampersand [The Kids At The Club, 2006]
Elephant Graveyard [The Kids At The Club, 2006]
Saturday Looks Good To Me
Money In The Afterlife [Fill Up The Room, 2007]
Suburban Kids With Biblical Names
Seems To Be On My Mind [The Kids At The Club, 2006]
Paper Aeroplanes [Flight Paths, 2009]
Language of Flowers
You're the One [The Kids At The Club, 2006]