domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

#032 - Moodgadget

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Moodgadget Website // Vimeo

John LaMonica
Heartling [Volunteers, 2011]
Triangle Waves [Amulet, 2011]
Foxes In Fiction
Ativan (Song For Erika) [Swung From The Branches, 2010]
Zack Christ (ft. Bjørn Degn )
Synthetik Maztermind  [Lucky Pork / Far East Side, 2011]
Telluride [Blue Newspaper, 2010]
Benoit Pioulard
Sparrowfield [Enge, 2005]
Beautiful Bells
Good Mornings [Managing Depth, 2010]
The Young Friends
Make Out Point [Hella, 2010]
A Setting Sun
Sun Hammer Pounding (DIAL81 Remix) [Flower Garden Of Rejuvenation, 2010]
Foxes In Fiction
Flashing Lights Have Ended Now [Swung From The Branches, 2010]
André Obin
The Arsonist [Front Runner, 2010]
Grandma’s Words / Rise Out Of The Stone [What We Held On To EP, 2010]

domingo, 20 de novembro de 2011

#031 - Domino Records [02]

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Domino Records Video Gallery

Cass McCombs
Gee, It’s Good to be Back Home [A, 2003]
About Group
Rough & Smooth [Start and Complete, 2011]
Dirty Projectors + Bjork
On and Ever Onward [Mount Wittenberg Orca EP, 2011]
Four Tet
Angel Echoes [There Is Love In You, 2010]
Liquid Liquid
Cavern [Slip In And Out Of Phenomenon, 2008]
What She Came For [Franz Ferdinand Covers EP, 2011]
Franz Ferdinand
Walk Away [You Could Have It So Much Better, 2005]
Arctic Monkeys
I Bet That You Look Good On The Dance Floor [Whatever People Say I Am, That's What I'm Not, 2006]
Lightspeed Champion
Marlene [Life Is Sweet! Nice To Meet You, 2010]
Stephen Malkmus
Forever 28 [Mirror Traffic, 2011]
The Witch [Do It!, 2008]
Josef K
Crazy To Exist [Entomology, 2006]
Young Marble Giants
Music For Evenings [Colossal Youth, 1980 (2007)]
Elliott Smith
Little One [From a Basement On The Hill, 2004]

domingo, 13 de novembro de 2011

#030 - Domino Records [01]

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Domino Records Website

Hotel Lounge [Takes, 2008]
Real Estate
Municipality [Days, 2011]
Alex Turner
Stuck On A Puzzle [Submarine OST, 2011]
Eugene Kelly
Older, Faster [Older Faster, 2003]
Neutral Milk Hotel
In The Aeroplane Over The Sea [In The Aeroplane Over The Sea, 1998]
Atlas Sound
Terra Incognita [Parallax, 2011]
Palace Music
New Partner [Viva Last Blues, 1995]
Galaxie 500
Hearing Voices [This Is Our Music, 1990 (2011)]
The 6th's
Falling Out of Love (With You) (with Dean Wareham) [Wasps’ Nests, 1995]
Animal Collective
Lion In A Coma [Merriweather Post Pavillion, 2009]
Sons and Daughters
Taste The Last Girl [Repulsion Box, 2005]
The Kills
Cat Claw [Keep On Your Mean Side, 2003]
Queens Of The Stone Age
If Only [Queens Of The Stone Age, 1998]

domingo, 6 de novembro de 2011

#029 - Parasol Records

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Parasol Records Website

The First Rays [Sunblown, 2008]
All My Exorcisms [Admirations, 2009]
The 1900’s
Kidnap Runaway [Return of The Century, 2010]
Cameron McGill & What Army
Madeline [Two Hits & A Miss (single), 2009]
George Usher
I Would Have Done Anything [Your and Not Yours, 2009]
The Bats
Castle Light [The Guilty Office, 2009]
The Horse’s Ha
The Piss Choir [Of The Cathmawr Yards, 2009]
Mas Rapido!
Feel So Young [Pity Party, 2007]
Tractor Kings
Drop The Fight [Homesick, 2008]
Water and The Spanish Tongue [Sensory Underload: Uncertain Tracks 1996-2008, 2008]
I Have Laid in The Darkness of Doubt [Mazes, 2009]
Doleful Lions
White Lotus Day [7, 2008]
Body of Water [Yes Yes Yes, 2010]
The 1900’s
Age of Metals [Medium High (EP), 2008]