domingo, 27 de novembro de 2011

#032 - Moodgadget

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John LaMonica
Heartling [Volunteers, 2011]
Triangle Waves [Amulet, 2011]
Foxes In Fiction
Ativan (Song For Erika) [Swung From The Branches, 2010]
Zack Christ (ft. Bjørn Degn )
Synthetik Maztermind  [Lucky Pork / Far East Side, 2011]
Telluride [Blue Newspaper, 2010]
Benoit Pioulard
Sparrowfield [Enge, 2005]
Beautiful Bells
Good Mornings [Managing Depth, 2010]
The Young Friends
Make Out Point [Hella, 2010]
A Setting Sun
Sun Hammer Pounding (DIAL81 Remix) [Flower Garden Of Rejuvenation, 2010]
Foxes In Fiction
Flashing Lights Have Ended Now [Swung From The Branches, 2010]
André Obin
The Arsonist [Front Runner, 2010]
Grandma’s Words / Rise Out Of The Stone [What We Held On To EP, 2010]