domingo, 30 de janeiro de 2011

#011 - Talitres Records

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Astral [Televise, 2003]
Elk City
Once and For All [Hold Tight the Ropes, 2002]
The Walmen
Another One Goes By [A Hundred Miles Off, 2006]
Pilot of This Ship [The Headless Horseman is a Preacher, 2001]
Students Carve Hearts Out of Coal [This Night, 2002]
Emily Jane White
The Cliff [Ode to Sentience, 2010]
Thee, Stranded Horse
Churning Strides [Churning Strides, 2007]
Stranded Horse
What Difference Does it Make? [Humbling Tides, 2011]
Flotation Toy Warning
Happy 13 [Bluffer's Guide to the Flight Deck, 2004]
I Like Trains
A Kingdom You Deserve [He Who Saw the Deep (Talitres Website Bonus Track), 2010]
The Organ
A Sudden Death [Grab That Gun, 2004]
Just Might Run [The Lone Gunman, 2005]
Dakota Suite
The Ferris Wheels of Winter [This River Only Brings Poison, 2003]