segunda-feira, 18 de abril de 2011

#017 - Aural Slate / Friends Records / Tender Loving Empire

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Small Sur
Weeds [Bare Black EP, 2010]
Arctic Phantoms [We Lied, 2010]
Future Islands
The Ink Well [Future Islands / Lonnie Walker (Split 7’’), 2010]
Lonnie Walker
Love Turn [Future Islands / Lonnie Walker (Split 7’’), 2010]
Secret Mountains
Dead Sea [Rejoice, 2010]
Sri Aurobindo
Don’t Know [Cave Painting, 2010]
Small Sur
The Wind [We Live In Houses Made of Wood, 2008]
Loch Lomond
Elephants & Little Girls [Little Me Will Start a Storm, 2011]
Y La Bamba
Juniper [Lupon, 2010]
Starting Over (Bad Habits) [Hunger and Thirst, 2010]
Jared Mees & The Grown Children
The Tallest Building in Hell [Caffeine Alcohol Sunshine Money, 2008]
Boy Eats Drum Machine
Hoop + Wire [Hoop + Wire, 2010]