domingo, 22 de maio de 2011

#019 - Asthmatic Kitty [*]

[*] Em memória da emissão #13 que, por motivos técnicos, não deixou Podcast, fica o alinhamento em formato mixtape e com uma faixa extra...

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Asthmatic Kitty Website // Radio // Youtube

Beauty, Beauty [Animal Feelings, 2010]
Grampall Jookabox
The One Thing [Rope Chain, 2008]
The Welcome Wagon
Sold! To the Nice Rich Man [Welcome to the Welcome Wagon, 2008]
This is the Early Game [In The Vines, 2007]
Cosmic Sing-a-long [Dig That Treasure, 2007]
Julianna Barwick
Prizewinning [The Magic Place, 2011]
Helado Negro
Deja [Awe Owe, 2009]
Shannon Stephens
So Gentle Your Arms [Works In Progress, 2008]
Sufjan Stevens
Holland [Michigan, 2003]
Royal City
A Belly Was Made for Wine [Royal City 1999–2004, 2009]
The Curtains
Go Lucky [Calamity, 2006]
DM Stith
Pigs [Heavy Ghost, 2009]
Kristin Miltner
Dreaming Longing [Music for Dreaming and Playing, 2010]
Chris Schlarb
Section I [Twilight and Ghost Stories, 2007]