domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

#038 - Kill Rock Stars [2]

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Kill Rock Stars Vimeo

We Want More [Call & Response, 2002]
Gold Chains
Shoot Straight [When The World Was Our Friend, 2004]
Free Kitten
Teenie Weenie Boppie [Sentimental Education, 1997]
Casual Dots
Clocks [Casual Dots, 2004]
Gospel Music
Automobile (ft Tracyanne Campbell) [Duettes EP, 2010]
Here To Stay [Glowing Mouth, 2011]
Forbidden Friends
Tiny Hands [Tiny Hands 7’’, 2011]
The Old Haunts
Fuel On Fire [Fuel on Fire, 2006]
Grass Widow
Shadow [Past Time, 2010]
New Bloods
Oh, Deadly Nightshade! [The Secret Life, 2008]
Delta 5
Now That You've Gone [Singles and Sessions 1979-81, 2006]
Explode Into Colors
Eyes Hands Mouth [Eyes Hands Mouth 7’’, 2009]
Scorch [Moments In Movement, 2007]
Thao & Mirah
Sugar and Plastic [Thao & Mirah, 2011]
Unstick [Make This / Break This, 2006]
Jeff Hanson
Hiding Behind The Moon [Son, 2003]
The Natural Light [From The Lion's Mouth, 2005]